What is an advantage to Ops-core that compared to other ones?

I can be sure about that any advantages don`t exist to Ops-core.

Fist of all, I`d like to gear Ops-core and MICH series with SLAAP because I don`t trust the face shield which is 3 classed, many people were using BT or more better ammo, they cannot protect us sufficiently.

Many people are gearing Ulach, Airframe, Exifl but how about Ops-core?

Let`s see, why hasn`t Ops-core any advantage? Is there any reason to use it?






The ops-core with side armor kit is unable to equip with any haedsets.

Did you realize what does it mean?

If you wanna equip the a face shield, using the face shield with TC800 are much cheaper than ops-core sets.

If you wanna equip a SLAAP, using the SLAAP with MICH series are much cheaper than ops-core sets.


furthermore, can I equip a face shield and side armor at the same time? No!

Then, if we wanna equip them at the same time what should we do?

We must equip Airframe or Exfil helmets.


That is to much unbalanced on helmet systems.

I understand the reason of unable to install the face shield and the side armor at the same time, Airframe and Exfil, higher teir helmets.

But how about the SLAAP+side armor?

The Ops-core with SLAAP needs some advantage from MICH series.

side armor of ops-core with headsets what is needed improvement to Ops-core.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i0tk2r/what_is_an_advantage_to_opscore_that_compared_to/

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