What is your personal lore for Among Us?

It doesn't have to make sense. I'll go first.

The year is 2053. It's been 100 years since North Korea supposedly won the war, and to celebrate, they're beginning a space mission to talk to the outer worlds. However, South Korea gets word of this, and makes a joint effort to stop this with Japan and the United States. Instead of trying to figure out who to send, the US sends them secret aliens from the Dulce Base, and they're specifically ones that can shape-shift into Korean soldiers.

After the briefing and the media coverage from their propaganda outlet, the departing ceremony has almost everyone watching in sheer awe, verbally congratulating the leader for advancing Korea further than ever. And once they make it to space, the reaping begins. Also, MiraHQ is their specialized base instead of the ISS, and they eventually land on Polus, which somehow has already has had a base built.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kox9j3/what_is_your_personal_lore_for_among_us/

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