Who is the ass here, me or “big brain?”

This is my shameless repost from r/amitheasshole that got removed because they don't allow "internet drama." anyways…

Ive came across my fair share of among us arguments ingame wether it be involving me or another player. But the player i faced in an argument today was on another level compared to others. Lime(big brain) purposefully faked card swipe. We had wires. So red called a meeting and called out big brain. I jumped on board too saying we had the wiring task, then lime got defensive. He called all of us idiots and said we had swipe. That fiasco got him voted out.

It got even worse next game. Line faked swipe AGAIN and this time green called the meeting. Then lime turned around and accused me. He said that im stupid asf so i retaliated and claimed "im 9999999999 times smarter than you." he was clearly salty about last game and said that were all stupid 9 year olds who have the iq of a snail. Then he went on to cuss for the next 15 seconds. So i hit him with my bad side. The deepest end of my tether with lime. I went on to call him a"*********" in his dying moments. Then he got voted out and left, with half of the lobby too.

Now, dont summon the repostsleuthbot. The removed post was mine as well. And yall are gonna say im the asshole here right?

X(me) was the asshole. 0 assholes remain.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/le33o5/who_is_the_ass_here_me_or_big_brain/

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