Will CDPR/Gwent team ever make a push to be #1 card game?

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I feel like Gwent has a better foundation to pull lore/inspiration from in comparison to Hearthstone and Magic, also the more mature art-style coupled with animated premiums is a true deal breaker in Gwent. This game has the potential necessary to surpass its competitors, but it lacks a more defined growth strategy, more development attention to Marketing (Gwent’s insta is dead, YT channel doesn’t provide the interaction it used to), more attention to meta updates (these pseudo patches in between meaningful patches got to stop, if you’re going to switch up the meta; do it properly), and just overall more of a commitment to the game by the devs. Does CDPR have a plan to make Gwent actually big, or will they be forever “too busy with hack/cyberpunk stuff” to focus on developing this game to its full potential?

Quick note, this is not a knock on dev team by any means, I love this game. All I want is to see it become the best version of itself! 😁

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