Worst wipe economy yet

Today me (lvl 24) and my friend (lvl 16) did a duo Customs run. Considering money isn't a problem this wipe, I decided to go even more juiced than I usually do and went in with a slick, thermal and m61 ammo. My friend went in with a tactec, rpk with minimal recoil and 60 rounders with BS/BT. We met two pmcs (lvl 23 and 27), whom I killed; they had <50 vertical recoil m4's with 60 rounders of m855a1, a slick, korund and both in altyns.

I know it isn't the start of the wipe, but this is just comical. I'm not a pro player by any means, I don't have a bitcoin farm, but since lvl 10 the roubles been growing too quickly, now it reached 20 mil. I'm going full juiced every raid and I see that most other players do the same even on Customs, even low levels. It's not my first wipe, but previously I had 2-4 mil max with reasonable efficient load-outs.

It's not only about inflation, everyone just has too much money, mid-tier load-outs aren't a thing anymore. I know this problem has been raised before, I saw many proposed solutions here, but this isn't what this post is about. I feel like we cannot wait another couple of months for the wipe, changes should be made by BSG and the economy reset.

Regarding bitcoin farm, I know it helps those who have limited time to play to keep up. That being said I was content with ~10% of all players being rich because they are the sweatiest of the boys. Even though they had an advantage over me. However, now 60-70% go in full juiced and this is much worse.

What are your thoughts regarding this economy?

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