A few thoughts about requests to bring King’s Canyon back


The recent number of posts requesting the King's Canyon's return is crazy. I'm not sure what caused that but it's definitely way more noticeable than before. The thing is – I don't understand why.

First of all I want to say that I didn't start playing Apex at the release, so perhaps this is why I see things differently than most of you looking through nostalgia glasses.

The new map is great

It is. It looks great and it plays great. Of course, it does force a different playstyle – this is a good thing in my opinion. There's less room for close quarters combat but if you really want some there are still locations like Capitol where you can get a bit of that feel.

It's not perfect but neither was the King's Canyon

I do see some problems with the map. The open space can be annoying if you have to run without cover. The bugs with the train, loot distribution and so on. That's just how it is. Every map has it's pros and cons. It doesn't break the game in any way. We just have to adapt to the new environment. And to those who doesn't enjoy such experience – wait for the next point.

The new map isn't gonna be here forever (at least I hope so)

I don't understand people who behave as if World's Edge in it's current form was gonna be the default map forever. So far every season has brought something fresh in terms of the map. Perhaps if the World's Edge is somehow changed next season it'll become more enjoyable for KC enthusiasts. Maybe trees will pop out of the ground. Or maybe we'll get a completely new map. Just chill and try to improve. It's a good learning opportunity and it won't last forever.

I'm sure we can find a compromise

Every season has to have it's one main map. There's no doubt about it. Two maps for ranked is just a crazy idea. One ranked leaderboard wouldn't make sense anymore and neither would ranked being split into two 'modes'.

Then if you really want KC back there is still some space for the old maps to be reused. Every limited mode should be run on the non-default maps. This way everybody would be able to play wherever they like. It would also add some more variety to the available game modes.

Final thoughts + TL;DR

World's Edge is a beautiful map and there's no need to overreact to it being the only one for ranked and casual this season. Try different things, chill. If you have to be negative focus on more pressing matters like SBMM. In the meanwhile let's let Respawn know that we want more limited modes to be set in KC.

Sorry for my English – I'm an ESL

Thanks for reading!

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