Add Unique Animations to the end-game “Champion Screen”

As a lot of people already pointed out in previous threads, the end-game "Champion Screen" feels a little dry and static, with little to no interaction among the members of the winning squad, apart from them shooting in the air while they still can and standing still while they are announced -with the same dull tone- as the "Apex Champions".

It's not bad or inherently wrong in any way, but considering the effort the whole Squad put into winning this match, It feels like a very small reward: It can be improven.

  • On the one hand, I think that ideas like a "Last Kill Cam" sound cool and that a sort of "Special Finisher" could be added if the finisher is tried on the last living enemy in the map, just for that extra hype.
  • On the other hand, I would prefer more interaction between the Champions and a Champion Screen that actually celebrates the team as a whole, that makes us see some little interaction between our beloved characters, instead of just a copy and paste of our characters' silouettes that just says "Here, You won".

How about a "Champion Screen Video", where the 3 squad members get to interact with each other, with a few prechosen quotes (just like the one on the selection screen or the ones We already unlock for kills, etc.) and cool animation depending on which champions are present.

Since there are only 9 Champions, teams are made up of 3 characters and champions cannot be chosen more than once (and, therefore, cannot interact with themselves) the combination are not so numerous, considering how many animations and voicelines each character already has.

Examples may include:

  • Pathfinder turns to both his teammates ready to give an high five to both of them: Champions like Caustic would just turn their head away, with Pathfinder getting a little sad; on the other hand, Mirage or Octane would get hyped as hell and give an high five to him.
  • Octane would pull of his legs and throw them in the air, with a concerned Lifeline trying to pick them up and telling him "It's not healthy"
  • Gibraltar laughs at the screen and friendly punches Mirage on its right arm: Mirage pretends everything is ok, but He is in excruciating pain 'cause of the thicc punch.
  • Wraith stands by herself on the win screen, with Mirage coming to her with a seductive walk. When He gets closer, with a fake holographic rose in his left hand, She just says "No.", turning to him with flashing eyes. Sad and heartbroken, Mirage would turn to the other Champion's shoulder, faking a desperate cry.

These are just some ideas I got on the fly, let me know If You like the general concept and what would You change about the current Champion Screen.

Sorry about any mispelling or incorrect grammar, not a native speaker 🙂


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