Apex new ranked mode is not the right approach…

Essentially Apex Legends, a game who's characters and map size promote fast, high kill game play is making a Ranked mode the Punishes people who go for kills and promotes camping until top 2 to rank up. Wouldn't be too much of an issue if the decreased the amount of RP if you win and don't put a limit on the amount of points kills can get you. Being able to constantly run around the map and go for kills is what makes apex so great. Instead Caustic and Wattson will probably become meta and all of the higher ranks will be filled with them camping in houses. I could be wrong but judging from the players I fight against I'd say 1 in 100 teams are obviously camping in house. I feel like I've been a little harsh so far so heres some suggestions that I feel like could make it better. Feel free to argue for or against some of my suggestions

– Remove the max kill points cap, all it does is make the higher skilled players stay in a lower rank longer and makes the experience less enjoyable for everyone.

– Make the amount of points per kill higher/ the points per win lower. Not even by that much if you're increasing kill points anywhere from 1.5-2 per kill would be nice or decreasing wins would be 8-10.

" Create a space at the top of the ladder for the best players to establish a high-skill meta without forcing a playstyle. We do this by rewarding match placement and kills, with some specific limits. After all, support or strategic players shouldn’t be rewarded less because they’re not getting 15 kills a game. We’re approaching scoring with an even hand that ensures the focus is on winning above all else. "

-About this. Winning in Apex legends is probably one of the easiest wins I've got compared to other BRs. You don't have to be good to win. What differentiates the good players and bad players in apex is what they did during the game, if someone wins but they only got 5 kills whats the point? Again this relates to the kill cap where you can get a maximum of 5 kill points per game. If you want to differentiate the good players from bad players integrate a system where kills/damage has as equal of an effect as winning. It doesn't feel right the a professional player who gets a 17 kill game gets rewarded the same as a normal player who got a five kill game.

-Also Embrace that there are METAS there's going to be a META in every online game no matter what and if done properly and it isn't overpowered is just a small thing in a game that will increase the skill gap. From what I processed they're trying to make sure that there will be some sort pf crutch or something for people that play characters who are not strong. There's three ways you can approach this either 1. Add some sort of crutch in the ranking system 2. Accept it and move on 3. Try to balance out the character. Although 2 and 3 are more valid 2 still shouldn't be done. But if the player picks a weak character in ranked and wants to play as that it's their fault and should try to learn more about what makes certain characters strong and who to pick.

Im sure that I'll have more to think of later and I'm sure that I am COMPLETELY wrong on some of the things I've said maybe even on everything I've said. But I'm sure you can tell that this is a pretty rushed post and I'll try to fix it as I keep catching mistakes but so far I would like to see what you guys think about ranked, and some of my suggestions. Like I said I could be COMPLETELY WRONG so if you disagree with something please tell me.

Edit: To everyone telling me that this game isn't "All run and gun and that you need "Strategy" Im not saying that it should completely remove all camping aspect from the game Im saying there should be a balance between winning and getting kills

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c81ltm/apex_new_ranked_mode_is_not_the_right_approach/

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