Contrary to popular belief the servers are NOT trash, they just can’t support the amount of players during peak hours adequately.

If you play when everyone is asleep in your region so like 230-5am you are quite literally playing an entirely different game.

Everything feels so tight and responsive, fps and smoothness is all there. Guns work perfectly no phantom bullets, r301 feels like a literal laser beam.

These are things you notice if you play A LOT on PC and you have over 144 hz monitor plus 150 – 190fps steady.

If you're a 60 hz 60fps gamer than what I'm saying won't make any sense to you.

The fact of the matter is if respawn could increase the amount of servers there would be way less problems. This post is probably going to to be shadow banned, but it's the truth. Increasing servers costs money, and that's what it always boils down to, but if they did you wouldnt recognize the two. The difference between peak and off peak hours is the difference between night and day. I'm not joking.


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