Crypto in the Ranks

I think most people are underestimating the pontential and how annoying crypto is going to be, specially in high ranks.

Just imagine this on plat or higher ranks, crypto is a low risk high reward spotter.
The absurd range he has allows him to send the drone, go marking around enemies via ping or automatic detection.
You can see how many squads are in the area with the banners.

This will turn the high ranks into a flying drone frenzy where teams are going to send drones every corner, while you have to keep an eye on the sky for enemy drones.
Now, the new RP system might encourage for engagement, but the trade off that crypto offers, is very low risk high reward.

The emp has a veeery long range, unless you are a pathfider or octane, there is almost no escaping,and thats already a 50 damage tho shields while most likely there is a pathfinder aproaching.

Do you guys/gals think the meta is going to get campier because of this?


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