Even worse than armor changes or any bugs/glitches in the game are the players.

I don't know what happened this season but it feels like there is a lot of players who lack good sportsmanship in this game. 9/10 times someone will disconnect instantly after death even when me and the other teammate are doing good in the fight. I keep getting people who also leave the game before the match starts or go afk after being respawned. On top of that, it seems like people have gotten so uncoordinated recently. They always split off from the group, stay behind when me and a teammate push, or hold there ground when we start retreating after a third party interrupts our fight. I assumed this was just salty or sweaty players so I hoped the Dummies Big Day gamemode would attract people wanting to just have fun but once again I'm seeing a bunch of bad sportsmanship.

I don't know how to fix this issue but maybe add an honor system like in Overwatch and other games where you can be rewarded by other players for good team etiquette.

I have friends who play this game sometimes so its not a big issue but it makes solo-queue really frustrating which has caused me to avoid Apex unless I'm playing with friends. Anyone else have issues with bad mannered teammates?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ip394u/even_worse_than_armor_changes_or_any_bugsglitches/

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