Gold armor rework (for grenades)

I saw the text post for rework ideas of the knockdown/armor and I was thinking that we should think outside the box of self-sustenance (healing in general). Since the backpack covers healing and the helmet covers abilities, why not have the armor cover throwables and call it "bandolier" or "demolitionist"?

I think it would be great if the gold armor allowed grenades to have a "quick-throw" option without needing to unequip a gun first. To sweeten the deal, increase the grenade capacity to 3; if someone drops the gold armor, any 3-stack grenades will automatically drop 1 grenade (to prevent mechanic abuse). Honestly anything is better than the current iteration, but I feel this would make the armor unique and incomparable to the other equipment.

This is also kinda off-topic, but I really like gold stuff and think that the gold stabilizer needs more friends than digithreat and hop-ups:

  • gold shotgun bolt: faster reload
  • gold extended mag: faster reload (take faster reload off of regular mags because extended mags would still probably be the best attachment)
  • gold stock: quicker hipfire->ads and vice versa


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