I can play the game!!!

As the title says, today I have finally been able to play Apex!!. The problem started around March where I updated the game and then I had the loading screen infinity ring. I had tried everything and still no luck. An Ea rep said it was because my ping was too high (though I’m normally a 30 and it had been working) so the problem would be unfixable.

But I kept the game on my PS4 and every once in a while when there would be a new update I would try and pray.

So today I updated the game and I got the lovely “press X to continue “ and watched the season 2 trailer and saw my beloved lifeline

Spent 3 hours playing and got a win after a few games and came in top 10 a few more times. I even pinged all of the Mozambique’s

I’m just so happy and glad I could share this

TL:DR Today my game worked after 6 months of no luck. I’m happy!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d4aril/i_can_play_the_game/

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