I keep prematurely leaving by accident out of habit

Since the game came out, you couldn't leave a game just by pressing B and having the "Leave Game?" menu pop up. If you wanted to leave a game while you were spectating, you had to hold the menu button, press the leave game button, and then confirm. So eventually a habit was developed where I constantly pressed B when I knew/thought my teammates were not likely to survive the fight, just so that as soon as they did, I could skedaddle.

What I realized after losing like 12 points in ranked, that now, you can press B and you'll be immediately prompted with the "leave game" prompt even if your team is still alive. A couple times I assumed "oh my teammate died super quick" and I left. I was so used to seeing the prompt meaning everyone was dead, I didn't realize it was telling me, "hey dipshit you can still be revived, your teammates haven't died"

The second or third time, I realized, I panicked thinking I was going to leave, tried not to leave, mashed B to exit out of that prompt, tried to hit the skip button (A), but by mashing the B button, I brought the prompt back up by accident, and then accidentally confirmed my leave.

It's a lot to ask for dumbass that's probably in the minority, but could leaving have like one more step involved again, like it used to? Anyone else get caught off-guard by that new change?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cqi7pm/i_keep_prematurely_leaving_by_accident_out_of/

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