I would like to apologize

On behalf of my family.

I love playing this game, and I play it with my friends on both ps4 and computer. I have two sons old enough to play video games and, more importantly, old enough to see what games I play.

My 8 year old is not too bad at it, and he usually does a decent job. He's not racking up kills every game, but he knows what to do.

But my 4 year old also loves this game. And no matter what i do, he'll always want to play as well.

So if any of you ever have a team mate that seems more content climbing THE SAME WALL 20 times and duel wielding p2020s than following your pings… that's probably my fault. I know I should ban him from playing, but he loves playing so much.

ALSO- to the team a few days back who played with him, revived him multiple times did leave him alone even though he was pretty much useless to you, and who managed to keep him alive until you all got champion… thank you, he was the happiest I've ever seen him, it was amazing you guys kept him safe, not even knowing why he was so incompetent.

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