Insane streak of legendaries from regular packs

This is insane. Almost every other pack i open this last season has been a legendary. I got my account and all 5my main guns stacked out. I had nothing prior to buying the battle pass. I got the silver scout like 15 packs ago for my main, path. And in the Legendary pack for the season i got The Last Spartan for the r301.

These following are all from regular packs from the battlepass and a few from leveling up; Noble Truth (Eva-8), The lonestar and consequently Old Blue (Peacekeeper), The Lightworker (Prowler), The Masked Dancer (Crypto), Organized Anarchy (Lifeline). 7 legendaries (!) In 10-15 packs. Insane. I went ahead and crafted the Merciless wing for Wingman as well, and with the Longhorn Almost every gun will be covered and i will be content.

Rags to riches in a couple of weeks, Ill never be this lucky in any game ever again.

I get this isnt such a big deal, but no one i know gets how big this is when i tell them lol.


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