Round 2 storm is too strong and should do SLIGHTLY less damage.

Title. This game is borderline unplayable with randoms, now with this increased storm damage it's just ridiculous. It's not fun unless you have a premade squad that knows what they're doing. This is a totally different game now because of it. This storm damage should be only for ranked if anything, or just a tad lower. All this storm damage does is make you retreat from fights, and only focus on circle. Even round 1 is scary cause if you're too far, you're fucked either way. Round 2 needs to be more forgiving, all it does is make players play more passive and it makes it impossible for you to revive teammates or even recover their banner. I'm all for more storm damage, but this just isn't enjoyable, and I'm a decent player with 5k+ kills on Lifeline. I know most will disagree but it's my opinion, hopefully some tweaks will be made, especially considering Lifelines drone gets destroyed from the storm, the ability to camp/heal in the storm is impossible.


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