Some sort of solution to early leavers and missing squad members from someone who knows nothing about game design

Concept: Free agents

Allow the deathbox of a squad member who either died and left early or got disconnected to retain a banner.
Instead of calling that person back in another person who has queued to be a free agent will be called in on the dropship.
Missing squad members will be filled in with a free agent whenever one is available and when a respawn beacon is within the ring.
Squad members will still have to use a respawn beacon to call in their missing squad member.
This banner will be attached to supply drops in which the supply drop will act as a deathbox for the banner.

This of course will require a separate playlist appropriately titled "free agents" where solos can queue up to fill in for a squad.

Some incentive to take a risk starting fresh midway or late game: Win the match and take home 2x the benefits

Main goal here is to take something negative (leaving the game early or starting without a squad member) and turn it into a new way to play that can be positive for those who dont leave games early.

This is more of a daydream of mine (like i said i know nothing about game design) so feel free to poke holes.


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