Why do so many people post about fighting champ squads with 4K and 20?

Everyday there’s multiple post where people are complaining about having to go against a premade with all 4K and 20.

As an above average but definitely not amazing player I had to deal with this almost every game back in season 3-5. I had friends that wanted me to smurf just so I wouldn’t get them in harder lobby’s(I never did). Anytime myself or others would complain about sbmm we would be met with the standard “you just want to pub stomp” “embrace the challenge” “respawn knows best”. I hate sbmm but honestly right now I feel like it’s in a decent place or atleast much better than it was.I still get plenty of super sweats in my lobby’s by I also get a fair number of lesser skilled players too.

You can’t expect me with my 2.5 kd and others to have to fight against the guys with 6,7,8+ every game just so you can fight other bad players all day. Nobody wants to play against the very best players all the time, we all have to share some of the struggle.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/iwmvvd/why_do_so_many_people_post_about_fighting_champ/

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