After Battle Report Thread – Any interest in bringing it back?

Welcome to the After Battle Report Thread!

Have a great after battle report to post? Near win? Achieve a long term goal? Get that first, second, or third Mark of Excellence? This is the thread for you!

Post your after battle screenshots, replays, and a description or any questions as top level comments. Make sure to check new submissions throughout the week or check the next thread for last week's highlights.


 [Screenshot](image link)
 [Replay Link](link to replay)
 **Base Exp Earned:**
 **Quick Summary:**


  • Upload images to imgur
  • Upload replays to a site like wotreplays or vbaddict
  • If you want people to let you know where to improve, let them know!
  • Not sure how to take a screenshot? Press printscreen in game and then grab the image from your game folder. Typically something like World_of_Tanksscreenshots
  • Alternatively, use a snipping tool (Please upload the picture to imgur for consistency)


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