Average WN to reach 2nd division in ranked easy?

Hi folks!

Just played almost 90 ranked games, first time playing ranked, my goal was 2nd division to get bond turbo, but i simply have to quit, didnt even reach rank 7 division 1 with this many games (i almost did 2 o 3 times)

My WN8 30d is 1261. I played 90 games of STB1, 1700 average damage 700 average xp (quite a bit worse than my random stats). I know its not great, quite bad, but i hoped to reach at least 2nd division a bit more easier.

I know the meta tanks, and I know playing ranked is different than randoms and you have to learn to play the mode(role xp, playing safe sometimes when team is about to lose, saving bonus battles, etc). But im just burned out, not willing to spend so much time (and credits, almost 3 mill lol) to try to get that bond turbo.

So, just wanted to ask, whats the average wn to get to 2nd division ez? 😛 I just wanted to get an idea of how much i have to improve before i try rank again haha.

Thanks guys!!

PD: I may try in a few days, but im quite burned and only have 4 bonus battles left. Maybe next time with a kranvagn haha. Got 277, 60tp, 140, bc, ebr, t100 and others, but wanted to focus on stb

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