Honest opinions on the new “Shell and Health rebalance”

I don’t know if anyone has already made a post about this…

If so… I am terribly sorry

But my opinion: I don’t really care if it is better or worse, I just feel that players who have played 5-6 years memorizing all the gun damages and health of tanks are going to have a really bad time and I feel it is also disrespectful for those players.

That without saying that I think damage is though the roof and “damage of a gun will be dependent on tier” is just nonsense: why should a Kv-85 with the same 122 as the IS deal less damage?
That just means that lower tier tanks get creeped EVEN harder than they already get.
And I am not even talking about new Derp guns/high damage AP guns.

I really have the feeling WG wants their game to die.

My solution to the problem:
Give prem rounds 25% less alpha, but raise pen EVEN MORE, so that it is truely a “pen 100% of the time round”, this makes you choose between low damage always penning, or less pen, but more DPM and damage per shot.
Edit: so if you encounter a prem spammer, you wack him with AP, outplaying that player with your DPM.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/bxdxhl/honest_opinions_on_the_new_shell_and_health/

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