ISU-130… Is it really that bad?

I've noticed on youtube, at least the most recent videos don't call it overly amazing.

But for me it is amazing, simply due to that Mother. Fucking. Gun handling. Holy shit. If you fully kit it with crew skills and food, you can get that down to:

.10 on moving
.11 on hull traverse
.05 on gun movement

(Literally the best gun handling in the ENTIRE game on a tank destroyer and tighter then a fucking virgin girl even when traversing especially with 1.8 aim time and .33 accuracy… However this is with my good crew and equipment, so I suppose not everyone will be the same)

On top of it also having the highest DPM at tier 8. If you load gold you are basically on par with Tortoise with DPM. Standard AP is a little less DPM then Turtle, but not much less. (Reload is 8 seconds)

But there is cons and where I think the tank turns people off.

  1. The ISU chassis is not very forgiving. However if you play ISU-152 you'll feel right at home, but with insane gun handling you've never really seen on any other TD. Armor is… well ISU-152 so nothing new. But unlike the 152, you get 8 degrees of gun depression which is huge.

  2. The gun constraints is the big thing I think a lot of people would nag this thing for… however counter point… I have .11 traverse accuracy why the fuck do I care if I have to traverse? It's as tight as fuck with 1.8 aim time… I guess the lack of a turret is the next big point, but if you wanted a turret then why are you looking at TD's?

  3. The pen is ass. That I agree on, but that just means it requires more skill to get the most out of. Yes not EVERY situation you can win. Some tanks you won't have much of a chance. But it's tier 8 so the MM isn't totally bad. End of the day, 187/215 is still very useful pen if you know what the hell you are doing.

  4. 25 shots of ammo. Definitely a downside, no way around that.

Would I get this premium? Yes if you enjoy ISU or like super unique vehicles. Because to my knowledge there is no other TD with THIS gun handling. I don't have to aim for 3 weeks!!! Snap shots yummm.

I absolutely love this tank. Being able to control my shots way more then any TD out there is just… ugh. So good. I don't even feel like camping. I can like almost play aggressive support role at times with that gun handling.

This is me, but for ammo I'd carry honestly a larger stock of the 570 alpha shells. Simply because you don't have a lot of shells, so it's best to try and get the most damage out of it. So maybe like 10/12/3.

( P.S Unless someone please point me to a TD with gun handling that is straight up better then this)


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