kranvagn field modification

Was busy playing other tanks, decided to come back to the kranvagn recently and give it a try and grind out field mods.

Here's what I got so far to start a discussion. My tank runs vstab/bounty aiming/vents. I have used turbo in place of vents but the mobility is held back by terrible ground resistances. This is for a six skill crew (ie, bia, off road driving, gun handling and view range skills) with food.

On with the field mods:

  1. ammo/consumables config slot
  2. All Terrain Suspension (1) is the clear winner here. Effective top speed is 49/47/32 vs 42/40/27 with Lightweight Suspsension (2). Even with the traverse buff from (2), the buffed terrain resistance from (1) makes (1) have better traverse.
  3. equipment config slot
  4. Parallax Adjustment (1) is the clear winner. Losing 0.22 Aim time (2.08 vs 2.3) in exchange for .02 better accuracy is a good deal.
  5. I think periscope eletric drive (2) is the winner here. Having less stun time from Sound Insulation (1) is neat but the difference is small and I find that the solution to stun time in the kran is to relocate, not sit there and struggle through it. I've found kran is decently good at dodging arty anyway. Picking (2) gets you 465 vs 438 view range which is way more valuable than the stun time buff.
  6. For my bounty aiming, vstab, vents build I would take firepower for the vstab and have vents in the durability slot. For my old turbo build, I would take mobility for the grousers, put bond turbo and then have bounty vstab for gun handling. This makes for ridiculously fast tank (effective speed of 62/60/40 vs 49/47/32). I prefer the gun accuracy build right now though. It gets there slower but it works better once you're in position.
  7. (1) gives you 21 kph reverse with 19.84 reload speed while (2) gives you 15 kph reverse with 18.62 reload speed. I think 15 reverse is tolerable but not great. Feels dangerously close to the terribad 12 reverse of the T57 heavy. Cheiftain, vz55, obj 260, obj 277 all have 15kph reverse and they don't feel crippled without turbo so I might go this route.
  8. (1) gives you extra 80 hp, 15% better dispersion after firing and another .25 worse on aim time. So taking both of the mods that worsen aim time, we're all the way up to 2.43 aim time (instead of 1.95) but with more health, better firing dispersion and better base accuracy. If the aim time buff was bigger I might consider it (like if it got it down to below 1.5) but 2 vs 2.4 is nothing and the buffs you get for it are real.

So optimal build for me seems to be 1, 1, 2, 2, 1. This is the same as skill4ltu, only he picks option 1 for mod 7 (21 reverse but slower reload).


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