List of Clan Wars Meta Tanks

I got back about a month or two ago from a 5-6 year hiatus and was wondering which tanks are meta now? From my understanding, pretty much everything that was required is long retired from service (excluding Obj. 140, 907). I've been talking with some people that I knew that are still active in clans and they were saying the following are meta, can anyone confirm, or add their own?

U.S.A: T110E3

U.S.S.R: Obj. 140/Obj. 907/Obj. 277/Obj. 268 4/T-100 LT*

(*Heard this was a sketchy recommendation, depends on how EBR evolves with updates)

U.K.: S. Conq/GC Conq

France: EBR/AMX 50 B

China: WZ-111-5A

Poland: 60TP

Sweden: Strv 103B/Kranvagn*

(*Heard it isn't anymore because of the ammo capacity nerfs and armor, very niche?)

Italy: Progetto 65


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