Questions on Crew 2.0 maximizations

With crew 2.0 coming I am trying find suggestions for maximizing the benefits going into the switch. My main question is around crew books and possibly moving crews to smaller tanks. Here goes.

  1. Will it be better to use up crew instruction books now or save them till later? (I don't know the totals for an 80 skill crew in 2.0 vs a 5 or 6 skill crew 1.0.)
  2. I have several well trained crews. These are often in tanks with 5 or 6 crewmen. Is it a good idea to split these guys up and move them to 2 or 3 crew tanks so when conversion hits they convert higher? If the crew converts based on the average level of the crew members then a 5 skill 2 man crew and a 5 skill 3 man crew is much better than a 5 skill 5 man crew. yes? two high trained crews for 1 eh?

it seems to me these would be a good move but I am not as plugged in as I use to be. Am I miss-understanding something here? Thanks for all the useful tips.


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