The Obj. 430U is really good, but I feel that the talk about it is sorta flawed

To me, the 430U is not just a medium. There are quite a few people that basically say it's like an extra heavy, which I agree with due to its fairly small lower plate, and amazing upper hull armor and insanely bouncy turret. I also see it as a slower, heavily armored light tank as well, due to its fairly high top speed for something with such good armor and a punchy gun. I mean, I've done more spotting damage than light tanks in some games. But, this doesn't mean that it's the most overpowered tank. Yes, its insanely good in the right hands, but that's just it. Not just anyone who has it is going to start getting 3-4K dmg games every game they play. To me, it's a lot like a reward tank in the sense that you have to work really hard for it. It's one of the most expensive tanks to get, xp wise. People in the community have been talking about it like it's a tank that almost makes people good at the game. Idk, this isn't the most cohesive cause I'm typing this in psych right now, but I would love to have a discussion.


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