Wargaming HIDING XVM (wn8/statistics) … needs ANOTHER OPTION :)

Not sure if you are aware but they plan to hide statistics to help fight meanies

(but that's a lie as we all know, its to hide the thousands of bots and protect their streamers)coughcough

However! Right now they plan either:

> Hide all stats for everyone

> Hide no stats for no one.

Those are the choices.

How about:

> Hide all stats for everyone

> Hide no stats for no one.

+ > Hide stats ONLY for the enemy team!

So if you are an UBER player you can show it to your team while the enemy remains clueless!

I think this is useful to show your team "yes, i am a competent guy, i can give you cover…"

Since often enough you wouldn't trust anyone to shoot the broadside of a Ratte if they are still below 500wn8… (after 30k battles), yet if that guy has around 2000wn8… well, i would say you can feel a little more confident that he could provide cover (give or take some Serb-ish RNG.) BESIDES… if you fight every battle to the last teeth… i think some would still like to show off, while not being the Number1 Target around.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/e3li9f/wargaming_hiding_xvm_wn8statistics_needs_another/

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