What equipment to put on T69

This tank is no better than T20 I was struggling with. I wanted US tank because I had 2 Guides and 16 booklets for US tank. When I finally grinded my ass off in stock T20 and researched it, I realize it's a kinda shitty tank. Yet, I am now stuck with it and hopefully I'll use it to grind T57 Heavy. How to improve this garbage? What equipment to put on. It's still stock and I'm struggling even to get 90mm gun.

My impressions so far.

It's slow. I'd put turbo?
It's weak. I'd put Hardening or Modified Configuration?
15 seconds reload for 5 75mm shells is fantastic. To bad they are almost worthless.
Gun depression is solid but several times I couldn't put my gun high enough. Elevation on Standard B is 20. This is 14.
It's tall. I can't hide well.

What to do to grind my way to T54E1 and dump this shit.

Trained crew so far.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/oo3ine/what_equipment_to_put_on_t69/

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