World of Tanks needs an endgame gameplay loop for tier 10

Recently I was grinding down the Super Conc line and when I finally unlocked the Super Conc I realised that I now had no reason to play the Conc or the super Conc. I could play ranked in it however it is exremely boaring and is only available for limited time periods each year. I'm not into clan wars or anything like that so really its just going to sit in my garage barely used. This is the same for every other tier 10 tank I own.

Rently however while playing frontlines I had an idea. The game mode is grindy and awful because theres only one map and the balance at tier 8 is completely skrewed. Why not put it at tier 10, and make it a permanent thing. Give us more prestigues with cosmetic rewards, equipment, crew training books and blueprints aswell as the reward tanks.

This would be easy to extend as you just add more tiers to the prestigue and it gives you a reason to play the tank youve spent hours of time getting. World of Tanks suffers from no endgame gameplay loop like other games do. Once youve got the tier 10 tank thats it for reasons discussed above. This would give the average player something to do in the tanks thats still contributing to their progression in the game in a fullfilling way. WG could easily monetize it with the new frontlines boosts and other premium consumables.

What are your guys opinions on this?


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