Arm vs Leg shots – breakdown BC you deserve it

The other thing he didn't mention is that there is a difference between the dmg that is spread when you hit an arm vs hitting a leg. If you hit a blacked arm it spreads 70% if the dmg where as leg hits does 100%of the dog.

For example 9×18 p ammo does 50 flesh dmg.. so a shot in a blacked out arm will do (50 *.70)/(number of unblacked body parts) to each unblacked part. Where as leg hits will do (50)/(unblacked parts) to each. And the "spread dmg" only happens on the successive shots.

So in our example since both arms and legs have more than 50hp and less than 100hp it will take 2 hits to black them out. And at this point nothing else has taken dmg meaning we still have head, chest, stomach, and 3 limbs. (Which doesn't matter) for a total of 6.

On hit 3 (making the assumption that nothing misses here) here is what happens:
Arm – 50.70= 35, 35 /6= 5.8 dmg given to each body part on each hit starting with hit 3.
Leg – 50
1.00= 50, 50/6= 8.3 dmg given to each body part on each hit starting with hit 3.
Note that since the head had less health than anything else (35hp) it will get blacked out before any other limb. And you will need to deal dmg 1 time after it's blacked out to kill.
So to kill with just arm shots you need 35/5.8= 6.08 + 2 hits (to black) = 8.08 = 9 hits with 9×18 p ammo.
For leg it's 35(head hp)/8.3(overflow dmg from each leg hit) = 4.21 + 2 = 6.21 hits= 7 total hits. 2 hits less!
(For the rats out there yes that means if you hit every single shot on the same leg with a pm you can leg meta with 1 mag costing 98 rub in ammo)

Now for anyone who wants to rage about this keep in mind that this is completely ignoring over penatration through the arm and into the body… bc I picked ammo that has no good pen value to it. If you use a different round that has decent pen that's where it makes more sense to aim center mass. Say that between the round going thru the Arm and the armor only 10% of the flesh dmg is applied. Well for most rounds that's like 3 hp dmg to chest. But once the armor is zeroed it jumps to like 70-80% flesh dmg on the pen side + the "overflow" dmg from the blacked arm the round passed thru.
So chest has 85 hp and if we presume that the rounds you are using have 30+ flesh dmg then it will still take 2 hits to black the arm – but in those 2 hits you will have done say 6 hp dmg to chest and a good amount of dmg to the armor. Let's say that all in it took 5 hits to zero the armor. That's at least 3.5 +3 dmg per hit for hits 3,4,5 totaling to 19.5. So by hit 5 you have 19.5 + 6 (1st 2 hits) = 25.5 meaning the chest is at 59.5 hp OR LESS. Chances are it's under 30 hp since higher pen rounds have a chance to fragment and I used a made up round with 30 flesh and 30 pen… nothing that bad exists and anything considered to be decent pen ammo will have either a lot more pen or flesh dmg. So most likely 5-6 hits to kill, maybe 7 if you get really bad RNG. But with more expensive ammo/ guns.

All of this is ignoring how hard it is to hit the same spot, doesn't account for bleeds or how likely bleeds will occur based on the type of ammo used, and a whole host of other things.
Hopefully this helps clear up some of the mystery on dmg and why xyz situation turned out how it did, and will help you in the future.
This is bravo 6 going broke.


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