EFT Healing Guide – 12.10 Additions: Hemostatic tourniquet CAT & AFAK personal tactical first aid kit

New items added:
Hemostatic tourniquet CAT (Peacekeeper LL1, $19)
-stops heavy bleed, one use, 3 sec use time
AFAK personal tactical first aid kit (Peacekeeper LL4, $302)
-400hp, 60hp max healing per use, stops light bleeds (30hp) & heavy bleeds (170hp)

BSG also added an emergency water ration (2 secs use time, +50 hydration, +5 energy) which could help if you run several painkillers. Its not listed here since it's a provision, but thought it was worth mentioning.


Please note:
Painkillers have different durations than what's listed in game due to a fade out effect. Fade out is when the 'on painkiller' effect icon will start to flash, during this time if you take any damage you will lose the 'on painkiller' effect. (example: Golden star description is 350 sec duration, BUT once used it has a 20 sec fade-out effect in raid)

Morphine will be on a stimulant chart once the newest stim has been added in game.

Link for always updated guide (feel free to share or post): https://imgur.com/gallery/EU7xukh

GL out there!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mgqrhf/eft_healing_guide_1210_additions_hemostatic/

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