FYI if you still have an old version of GeForce Exp update or delete it.

Before I get started!

I have shitty GPU(1050TI) so I've never used Nvidia Filter (I tried it before they banned it, but my fps dopped 10~20 with it so I never used it). SO PLEASE! don't say stuff like "oh you were abusing it while BSG banned it ..blahblah.

Ever since I got my PC from one of my buddy, I did not know that he disabled auto-update for this GeForce Exp. Just like other days I got into Customs to do my task (Jaeger " Huntsman path – Evil watchman" ) I was running towards dorms and all of a sudden I got disconnected from game with pop-up msg saying "Disallowed program running [Old GeForce Experience version]"

So I decided to turn off GeForce Exp for this raid and delete/or update it once I am done with raid. As I click "Reconnect" I was keep getting disconnected with msg saying "Server connection lost" and yeah I died. So I decide to delte my GeForce Exp because I don't even use it anyways.

If you have Geforce Exp on your PC please check your version and update it before you guys go into a raid!

Hope you guys have a nice/joyful raid today!

P.S: So I know Geforce Exp gives you driver update for your GPU, but whatelse ppl use it for? I've never used it before cause I had Radeon GPUs.


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