Hide and seek rules :)

Wrote down the rules for my friends and I. Might share them here although someone else probably has already.

  1. Talking during the game is optional but preferably you don't do it.

  2. Impostors should vent in cafeteria at the start of the game and make sure everyone is watching.

  3. Impostors can't vent during the game.

  4. Impostors can't sabotage doors, oxygen, comms or reactor.

  5. Or comms/lights are sabotaged during the entire game and can't be fixed. Still, nothing else can't be sabotaged.

  6. Impostor's vision should be the lowest possible (0.25x).

  7. Crewmate's vision shouldn't be higher than 1.5x.

  8. Kill cooldown should be 15-30 seconds (depends on how many impostors and crewmates are there).

  9. Kill distance should be short.

  10. Bodies can't be reported.

  11. Emergency meetings can't be called.

  12. If an emergency meeting was called, you can't kick or vote anyone out (doesn't count if you don't wanna play with someone in particular).

  13. No more than two people hiding in the same room.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jjfqsp/hide_and_seek_rules/

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