How to piss off your impostor teammate when you’re dead without ratting out him/her

Disclaimer: It’s quite a long post…hopefully you guys have the persistence😓

Terms I use:
– Imp: Impostor
– Critical sabotage: Includes reactor, O2, electricity, comms
– Strat: Strategy

You’ve definitely run into situations where you want to annoy the imp…simply because he/she is just…annoying as hell. But apparently throwing him/her off isn’t really an ethical option.
So here’s an effective way to do so…even when you’re dead.

When you’re dead, you can still sabotage. Take that as an advantage to irritate your teammate!
Also…since the sabotaging mechanism on each map works differently, I’ll have a guide for each individual map.

The Skeld

This is the best one when it comes to…this particular subject, since you can’t lock doors and do critical sabotages at the same time.
Because critical sabotages can lead imps to victory…we can simply prevent our teammate from doing so…by locking doors…constantly!
And then you might be wondering…there are cooldown intervals for doors which might enable our teammate to once again do critical sabotages. Then I suggest using The Backfire Strat (Idk if there’s a better name…I’ll let you guys decide that in the comments)
So the strat works as follows: Sabotage the thing that best benefit the crews…or annoys your teammate the most…constantly, to prevent him/her from sabotaging something better. 80% of the time it’s the comms.
But if you’re playing on this map…locking doors is the way to go!
You can also follow your teammate and keep closing doors in front of him/her…just to slow him/her down. Even better…sometimes 1 or 2 crewmates might be able to read the signs and sus your teammate! (This possibility is quite low though…)

Mira HQ

Here you can’t lock doors. Then simply use the Backfire Strat.
Also…a reminder that sabotaging comms is actually quite helpful for the imps in the endgame…since then a lot of crewmates will have done tasks…they will be camping security. So sabotaging comms will prevent that.
Please consider the critical sabotage you want for the strat.


Unlike the Skeld, door and critical sabotages can happen simultaneously; plus doors can be opened manually. But still, the methods for the Skeld can still be applied here. Doors will definitely slow them down…and as always…the Backfire Strat!

Hopefully this post helps you all. Have a nice day! And best of luck irritating your imp teammate.


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