Hunting cultists for Night Sweep – multiple video guides and observations

Ever since I started playing last wipe and discovered the cultists, I have had a unhealthy fascination with our cloaked friends that try stabby stabby you. I joined after the heat signature changes, so never experienced them the 'easy' way.

When the task Night Sweep came along, I was quite happy as it's a favorite pastime of mine hunting them. I have gotten four Taiga's this wipe alone. Since I am bad at close range PvP, I was not going to try kill them on Customs, I leave that to Landmark and Willierz. I made a YT video to help people do it the easy way on Shoreline, as I found the current guides to be incomplete. VoX_E made a great YT guide back in June, but his method was flawed in not using a FLIR.

The Shoreline Cultist guide can be found here:

The Shoreline video did get some good traction and some thankful comments, and I got messaged asking to do a Woods one as well. Now on Woods it was a bit more challenging, but I did a video guide there, plus some more useful info.

The Woods Cultist guide can be found here:

With the last big patch and the AI change, it changed the cultists as well, and they now also behave a bit different. On the sunken village spot they now spawn in one area (I have nailed them there about 15 times in the last few days), twice this morning before work; and one interesting change is that they now run to a downed comrade and grab their weapon, same as a normal scav. I have never seen them do that before. It does make killing them even easier, as you can kill the most exposed Sektant first, then wait for the others to come to him.

The updated cultist behavior guide can be found here:

I do hope someone finds the guides to be remotely useful, the editing is kind of bad as I have a day job and very limited time for this sort of thing, but good luck and happy hunting the cloaky stabby buggers!


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