All my hardwork. Gone to Valhalla end.

This is just a story of what happened to me yesterday so it's your choice to read this or not. Felt so sad I just want to post this.

Late 2018, my brother asked me if I want to play Spiderman PS4 so I was accepted the offer and then he said that if i want to use the ps4, i can use his account anytime. So i decides to download fortnite since it's free.

Feb 2019, Apex Legends released and it looked so cool so i downloaded it.

Late 2019, my bro's ps4 overheated and my father decided to just buy a new ps4.

May 2020, my father decided to just give the broken ps4 to my brother to let him fix the ps4 himself(me and bro lived very far apart).

17/6/2020, my bro realised i had a new ps4 so he login to his account and changed the password. He told me he wouldn't let me play his account anymore because i broke the ps4. I told him i was willing to pay but he denied and told me to make a new account.

So now I'm left with nothing. So i had to start again. All the way back to lvl 1. No cosmetics. No exclusive cosmetics. All gone.

TLDR: used bro's ps4 account, ps4 broke, bro changed password of his account, i start from all the way back to lvl 1.


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