AMD FSR in Elite Dangerous (Massive Performance Boost If Added)

So AMD just revealed FidelityFX Super Resolution, which is basically their take on DLSS. The difference is, it will not only work on AMD cards, but also on Nvidia cards. Basically you get an upscaled image that looks like a native image but with way less of a performance hit (so for example, the game could render at 1080p, upscale to 4k, and look basically exactly like a native 4k image).

We already know Odyssey is a performance hog and doesn't really have any good AA functions built in. So FSR would be a godsend for this game. Especially for VR mode where high framerates are key to maintaining immersion.

AMD is running a survey right now to see which games people want FSR in. I highly implore you fill this out and suggest Elite Dangerous. It'll provide a huge performance boost for basically no quality loss and will help AMD, Nvidia and Intel users alike. If enough people suggest this game, there's a very good chance AMD will reach out and assist in getting FSR added to Elite Dangerous, which will pretty much end everyone's performance issues with this game.

Survey Link Here


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