Console to PC – Unsuitable PC Solution

Hello folks,

As you know Elite Dangerous will soon be shifted from consoles to PC. If you don't own a suitable gaming PC, I have a solution for you!

This is Nvidia GeForce Now, it is a game streaming service. This service enables you to rent & stream from a 1080, 2080, or 3080 respectively. Whereas the 1080 is free to use! (With lower priority & 1 hour gaming sessions)

As far as I am aware you are able to stream max graphics to a cheapo laptop or even an iPad/ smartphone. Personally I rent the 2080, it runs ED Odyssey on max graphics at 60fps via HDMI to a tv. The only drawback I have encountered is that this requires a decent ping.

Not only will this work with Elite Dangerous, but it will work with a myriad of other steam games as well!

Enjoy CMDRs


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