[Nov 6th] Server Patch LIVE for All Platforms!

Hello Legends!

A Server Patch rolled out this afternoon and is currently live on all platforms! You don't need to download an update for this one.

Notes below from Respawn:

Hey all,

This afternoon we’ve pushed a server patch to all platforms to hotfix the following issues.

• Fixed the bug that allowed players to melee during the pre-match flow.

• Fixed bug where players could quit out of Ranked Matches before start and avoid abandon penalties and still get max RP.

Also want to call out some changes made to World’s Edge not specifically called out in the patch notes:

• Adjusted loot distribution around the map.

• Added more locations where Survey Beacons may spawn on World’s Edge matching the behavior of how they worked in Kings Canyon.

• Lots, and lots of map-related bug fixes discovered and reported. Please continue to report map issues with screenshots and videos if you can. We’re watching!

You can follow bug tracking and updates on the Apex Tracker Trello Board.

Respawn has been combing through the Path 3.1 & Duos Event: Bug & Crash Megathread and working through issues. Run into a bug? Post it here so they can check it out!

The Update Notes for Patch 3.1 & Duos can be found here.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dsqbou/nov_6th_server_patch_live_for_all_platforms/

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