Tip for new players during prewipe event

I’ve been having a lot of success running Woods at night. Grab a Mosin, SKS or Hunter, slap a PSO scope on it, and be mindful of your distance to scavs. (I realize getting the gun may be tough, though.)

Raiders with flashlights have insanely long detection ranges, so be aware of that, if the light is shining at you, take cover, break line of sight, approach from a different angle.

If you don’t know about the gamma “trick” or whatever, you can increase your screen’s gamma either by using an overlay (like NVIDIA or ReShade) or by typing in “calibrate display” in your windows search bar. This will help you see at night.

I know this sounds like a lame tactic, but some of you newer players are dying out there too fast, going broke, and getting discouraged. With one of these successful raids I made 40k XP, made it out with three gen 4’s, all the meds I needed, and three M4s. Hope you all have some fun this event.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dghu5r/tip_for_new_players_during_prewipe_event/

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