TORONTOTOKYO’s origin and ethnicity

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I saw that some people got confused about him as he's Asian looking. In another thread one guy even asked if he's half Japanese.

I became curious as well, so I made a quick research on him.

His name is "Alexander Khertek". According to the website, the surname "Khertek" is most prevalent in "Tuva Republic" that is located in the eastern part of the Russian Federation.

Some additional information that may be interesting to some of you:

– Unlike in English, in Russian language there are two words for "Russian".

– русские (russkiye) means a person that is ethnically / racially Russian and originate from Eastern Europe. These people don't necessarily live in Russia, there are large amounts of ethnic Russian people in Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and other ex-soviet states (I believe Puppey is an ethnic Russian from Estonia).

– россияне (rossiyane) refers to a person who lives in Russia and has Russian citizenship, but isn't ethnically Russian. Only around 80% of Russia's population is "Russkiye" aka ethnically Russian, the rest are "Rossiyane".

– Tuvan people are indigeneous to Eastern part of Russia, they're buddhist and they are genetically similar to Mongolian people.

– Tuvan republic is closer (much closer) to Mongolia and China than to Moscow



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