Vault Puppers Shrine mystery has been already solved yet 2 Puppers still missing.

map and alignment credit goes to Lord_Spinkingham & Zerethyx

Hi friends,

I believe we have already solved the Vault Pupper Mystery by finding the shrine ( ).

I think we were supposed to find the dogs inside the buildings first, plot them on the map and THEN discover the shrine.

Here is my reasoning:

The 3 aligned puppers make a line path (from the vault to the yet to be discovered shrine).

The 3 paths (arrows) converge at the shrine.

The puppers positions are alternated along each path:

1-2-3 [West Skyhook – Train Yard – West vault]

2-3-1 [Fuel Depot – Sorting Factory – South vault]

3-1-2 [Capitol City – Capitol City – East vault]

Assuming the orange pupper is the end of the red line since all the paths start at a vault.

If my theory is correct we should find the missing pieces of the puzzle in these approximated positions (dotted circles) :

– Blue pupper (1) should be West of Skyhook.

– Yellow pupper (2) should be in the Train Yard.


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