FDev :: Please enable 3 bindings for CMDRs

We can do better than primary and secondary columns of available binds.

Provide one column for keybinds, another for gamepad, and the final for HOTAS/HOSAS/Joystick.

Honestly I want to play with all three.
When at my desktop I fly with my sticks, I prefer KBM for feet, and gamepad is best for SRV. But I also like gamepad for any of the above when I'm just being lazy or am playing from the couch.

edit – u/DredZedPrime reminded me, CMDRs on Steam can use Big Picture mode and set custom configs. You can set your gamepad to keypresses or vice-versa. CMDRs on EPIC Launcher would have to rely on third-party tools. CMDRs on console are left out in the cold unfortunately.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nnrc6i/fdev_please_enable_3_bindings_for_cmdrs/

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