Inertia in other PvP FPS games.

So I saw a topic how inertia will completly change the game and make Tarkov slow and tactical.

So that HIGHLY depends on how much of inertia there will be in Tarkov. To make it more clear here is a quick list of PVP focused FPS games that have inertia:
Battlefield 3/4/1/V/2042
Call of Duty (most games in the series have inertia)
Halo Infinite
Quake Champions

and many, maaaany more…

Actually NOT having inertia for such a long time is kinda werid in gaming.
Anyway – those are just some quick examples of PVP shooters with full intertia system. Are they slow and tactical? Nope. They are fast af.
So again. Inertia is not a magic button that suddenly makes games more tactial. So all I'm saying – Let's just wait for BSG to show us the way they want to implement it into Tarkov before we make judgment calls about "total gamechanger!!!!!"

FYI: I do want inertia. It's no brainer that movement in Tarkov is f-ed up


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