Let’s talk about BSG

Yes this post is being made in the heat of the moment.

Idk what happened in the last update but literally 1 out of every 3 raids fails to load in. I get stuck searching for players or my character loads in but my game doesn’t leave the “ready” page.

Not making this up when I tell you I had back to back raids where this happened. The second time my character died before I could restart and load in.

Next game I die to a 3 man using GLs. Why GLs are in the game? Beats me. Nikita and BSG will never convince me that those are good for the game.

Next game, literally ready to fight a solo guy in black room on labs….He fcking black abuses the windows and kills me. THIS BUG HAS BEEN IN THE GAME FOR OVER A YEAR. And has had many complaints about it. It should be one of the easiest bug fixes in the game and yet there is nothing done?

Sound is arguably the most important part of Tarkov and it has been glitchy since the start of the game. I know if I am below someone and coming up the stairs, that they will most likely not hear me. I have, and so have many others, died because sound is broken. You’d think BSG would put all their attention to this very important feature but nope. lets continue making expansions tho.

Oh yea and desync of course is a fun one.

Yes I realize that some of these are issues that don’t hit the majority of the community. But there is a glaring common denominator in all of this. BSG needs help. I don’t care that this game is technically in beta. That is such a bullshit excuse because THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO HIRE COMPETENT PPL TO HELP and they dont. It is the sad truth that no one wants to talk about. They fix one thing and break 2 more it seems. and yet they are still trying to officially release this game within the next year?

The only thing that’s holding this game back from taking the next big step is BSG themselves.

PS: as a labs main, cheaters are definitely fewer and far between. I am happy BSG has found away to thin them out. But they are still there

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