Odyssey suits

Ok, so I think we all have the idea of what suits are going to be available in Odyssey and what their function is.

The Maverick is a scavenger suit, required for doing ground missions with lower threat levels.

The Dominator is a combat suit, best for anything high threat or known dangers.

The Artemis is an Exploration suit, required for gathering biological data.

So… what is the flight suit good at? Is it really just a hold over until we get the more specialized suits?

I question because I, for one, bought clothing customizations. That works on the flight suit, but… as far as we can test so far, doesn't seem to apply to armor.

Is it really going to be a matter of "well, if you want to look stylish, then you can swap to the flight suit and the clothing. But, if you want to actually do anything, you want to use armor."
Given how it works, I doubt anyone would swap suits. I'd say that if someone really wants to be seen in their armor when in their ship or a station interior, they can force that to happen, but by default, you change out of your armor to fly.

Idk though, what do you all think? I know that only being able to request a change of clothes while on a ship is odd to most people. Having it actually change between game transitions, like supercruise to glide, makes little sense to me.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mp29mc/odyssey_suits/

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