Painite Mining: Fleet Carrier inadvertently takes me to high import system!

Special thanks to Fleet Carrier "I Buy Painite 300k (H0F-85V)" who is currently docked at GCRV 1568. Go sell them your painite and give them tritium.

I mine painite on solo play in system GCRV 1568 at a particular painite double hotspot (around planet AB 1 for those curious, inner ring). There was a particular fleet carrier who was buying painite for 300,000 credits IN the same system where I mine! Usually painite sells for 260,000 per ton, and that's at highest premium prices which usually are over 150 light years away.

So, it's my lucky day.

Naturally, I immediately outfitted a Type-9 and surface mined the ever loving hell out of my usual double hotspot. First run went off without a hitch and I sold 100+ tons to this fleet carrier.

But I'm in a Type-9, 100 something tons is a rookie number. Time to go big.

I spent an eternity on my second trip and mined 200+ tons, I believe it was 230 I forget, and I was banking on selling to this fleet carrier again…but they stopped buying once I got there! You wanna talk about disappointment? I stayed docked at the fleet carrier and I rage quit. This was yesterday.

Today I got back on and was planning to fly to a high-paying system, preferably one not too far since I was in a Type-9, and I'd have to go find a fuel scoop too because I wasn't equipped with one it was massively inconvenient. says to go to the "Jarogee" system.

I open the galaxy map and it's…wait, why is the galaxy map already at Jarogee system? Wait…WAIT.

THE FLEET CARRIER TOOK ME TO THE JAROGEE SYSTEM! They took me to the HIGHEST paying system according to!

I made 90mil credits. Special thanks again to owner of fleet carrier "I Buy Painite 300k (H0F-85V)." Give this fleet carrier some love and maybe copy what I just did and dock with them when they stop buying your painite.

Side note: this guy is fast. I sold my stuff and went to dock back at the fleet carrier and they had already left back to GCRV 1568.


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