Well the time has arrived for me to start fooling around. Decided to buy myself the Type-10 (The last of the big ships to own). I spent a few hours hauling it around the bubble to finish the engineering. I'm just looking for input on a good build for PvE as I enjoy spending my time in a HazRez with newer combat players to grind some mats and creds. I've got my armour and shields set perfectly for PvE. But wanted to see what you guys recommend for hard points.

4 x Large Turreted Burst w/ G5 Long range/phasing sequence.
3 x Medium Turreted Pulse w/ G5 Efficiency (No experimental yet. Some input on this would be great)
2 x Small Turreted Multi Cannons w/ High Cap (1 Corrosive, 1 Thermal)

Overall I don't ever has issues with DPs, chaffs definitely suck against NPCs. I stick with turrets so my buddies/recruits can have fun with the guns/SLF.


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