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Hi, casual player here looking for some feedback.

I started playing Gwent in december last year and my first faction was NR, since is my favorite one in Witcher 3's Gwent. End up getting bored of it pretty quickly and after i saw my opponents playing SK i fell in love with it, i remember that i loved the An Craite Longship design.

Since then i played Skellige mostly with a little bit of NG Lockdown, NR Witchers or MO Swarm here and there while i was climbing the ladder, but didn't felt as attached to a faction as i felt with SK, and i tried almost all of them.

To this day, SY is the only faction i haven't tried out yet. Not a single time. Main reason because the faction doesn't have a starting deck, and back in december it sucked really bad to waste resources on it.

Now i'm very interested in the faction due to the recent buffs and because the new cards (Cleaver, Whoreson, Witchfinder) look REALLY cool and i absolutely love their design. Novigrad lore is my favorite, the music of the faction is the best, and even the board is super cool.

One thing is keeping me from sinking my teeth into the faction yet tho, and that is the coin mechanic.
I'm not a great player and sometimes i need to take my time to calculate the points, and i heard that SY is hard to pilot in that sense due to this coin mechanic.

So my question is, is it really that hard to pilot SY?
Would you recommend it, and why?

I feel like i'm really missing something in the game by not playing the faction, most of the times i cannot understand my op plays at the fullest

I also hope that Witch Hunters become competitive after this expansion, the archetype is really cool and i want to try it.

Thanks for reading and for your help, cheers!

Edit: Thanks to all of you again for your comments, i'm eager to try SY 🙂


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